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Young couple at the Colosseum, Rome Italy - Happy tourists visiting italian famous landmarks

A Guide to Experiences and Attractions in Rome

Rome is a living testament to the grandeur of ancient civilizations and the heart of modern Italy. With its rich history, iconic landmarks, and vibrant culture, Rome is a city that captivates every visitor. In this article, we’ll explore the best things to do in Rome, to make the most of your time in this historic metropolis.

The Colosseum

No visit to Rome is complete without experiencing the grandeur of the Colosseum. This ancient amphitheater, built in AD 70-80, was the epicentre of gladiatorial contests and public spectacles. Wander through the arches and marvel at the engineering prowess of the Roman Empire. Consider taking a guided tour to gain insights into the Colosseum’s history and significance.

Roman Forum

Adjacent to the Colosseum, the Roman Forum is a sprawling archaeological site that once served as the centre of Roman public life. Explore the ruins of temples, government buildings, and basilicas that were integral to the political and social life of ancient Rome. The Arch of Titus and the Temple of Caesar are among the many highlights.

Vatican City

Embark on a journey to Vatican City, the smallest independent state in the world and the spiritual centre of Catholicism. Visit St. Peter’s Basilica, a masterpiece of Renaissance architecture, and climb to the top of the dome for panoramic views of the city. Explore the Vatican Museums, home to priceless artworks, including Michelangelo’s iconic frescoes in the Sistine Chapel.

Sistine Chapel

Located within the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel is a cultural gem that showcases the genius of Michelangelo. Marvel at the intricate frescoes adorning the ceiling, most notably “The Creation of Adam.” The chapel’s significance as a place of papal conclave adds a layer of historical importance to its breathtaking art.

The Pantheon

Step into the best-preserved ancient Roman building, the Pantheon. Originally built as a temple dedicated to all gods, the Pantheon’s iconic dome and oculus continue to awe visitors. Explore the interior and appreciate the harmonious proportions of this architectural marvel. Don’t forget to marvel at the grand portico and Corinthian columns outside.

Trevi Fountain

Experience the magic of the Trevi Fountain, a Baroque masterpiece that has become a symbol of good luck. Toss a coin over your shoulder into the fountain, ensuring your return to Rome. The fountain’s intricate sculptures, including the central figure of Neptune, make it a captivating site both day and night. Join the crowds or visit in the early morning for a quieter experience.

Spanish Steps

Climb the iconic Spanish Steps, a monumental stairway that connects the Piazza di Spagna at the base with the Trinità dei Monti church at the top. The steps are a popular gathering place and offer a picturesque setting surrounded by shops, cafes, and art. Take a leisurely stroll and enjoy the ambiance of this historic landmark.

Piazza Navona

Visit Piazza Navona, a lively square that embodies the spirit of Roman life. Admire the Baroque fountains, including the famous Fountain of the Four Rivers by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. The square is surrounded by cafes and restaurants, making it an ideal spot for people-watching and soaking in the vibrant atmosphere.

Castel Sant’Angelo

Explore the Mausoleum of Hadrian, known as Castel Sant’Angelo. Originally built as a tomb for the Roman Emperor Hadrian and his family, the structure later served as a fortress and papal residence. Walk along the fortified walls, explore the interior with its rich history, and enjoy panoramic views of the city from the terrace.


Discover the bohemian charm of Trastevere, a picturesque neighbourhood on the west bank of the Tiber River. Wander through narrow cobblestone streets lined with colourful houses, artisan shops, and trattorias. Trastevere comes alive in the evening, offering a lively atmosphere with its diverse dining options, bars, and street performers.

Borghese Gallery and Gardens

Indulge in art and nature at the Borghese Gallery and Gardens. Housed in the former Villa Borghese, the gallery showcases a remarkable collection of sculptures, paintings, and antiquities. After exploring the artworks, take a leisurely stroll through the expansive gardens, adorned with fountains, statues, and scenic vistas.

Roman Catacombs

Descend into the underground world of Rome’s catacombs, a network of subterranean burial chambers. Explore the catacombs of San Callisto, San Sebastiano, or Priscilla to gain insights into early Christian history and burial practices. Guided tours provide a fascinating journey through these historic and sacred spaces.

Appian Way

Step onto the ancient Appian Way, one of the earliest and most strategic Roman roads. Wander along the well-preserved cobblestone path flanked by historic tombs, ruins, and scenic countryside. Rent a bike for a leisurely ride or take a guided tour to learn about the significance of this ancient thoroughfare.

Capitoline Museums

Delve into art and archaeology at the Capitoline Museums, located on Capitoline Hill. The museums house a superb collection of classical sculptures, ancient artifacts, and Renaissance masterpieces. Admire iconic sculptures such as the Capitoline Wolf and the equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius. The museums also offer panoramic views of the Roman Forum.

Palatine Hill

Ascend Palatine Hill, one of Rome’s Seven Hills, for a captivating view of the Roman Forum and Circus Maximus. This historic site is associated with the mythological founding of Rome and houses ancient palaces and residences. Explore the archaeological remains and imagine the splendour of ancient Roman life.

Mouth of Truth (Bocca della Verità)

Visit the Mouth of Truth, a marble mask with a curious legend. According to popular belief, sticking your hand in the mouth and telling a lie will result in the loss of your hand. Located in the portico of the Basilica of Santa Maria in Cosmedin, this ancient sculpture adds an element of mystery and amusement to your Roman adventure.

Roman Street Markets

Immerse yourself in the daily life of Romans by exploring the vibrant street markets. Campo de’ Fiori, Mercato di Testaccio, and Mercato di Porta Portese are among the popular markets where you can find fresh produce, local delicacies, clothing, and unique souvenirs. Enjoy the lively ambiance and interact with local vendors.

Galleria Doria Pamphilj

Discover a hidden gem in the heart of Rome at the Galleria Doria Pamphilj. This private art collection, housed in the Palazzo Doria Pamphilj, features works by renowned artists such as Caravaggio, Raphael, and Velázquez. The opulent palace itself provides a splendid backdrop for the impressive artworks on display.

Palazzo Venezia

Visit Palazzo Venezia, a grand palace that once served as the embassy of the Republic of Venice. The palace is now a museum showcasing art and historical exhibits. Climb to the terrace for panoramic views of the city, including the Altar of the Fatherland and the Roman Forum.

Gelato Tasting

Indulge your taste buds with the finest gelato in Rome. Gelaterias abound in the city, offering a delightful array of flavorus crafted from fresh, high-quality ingredients. Try classic favourites like stracciatella and pistachio or venture into unique creations. Gelato is a delicious way to cool off and savour the sweet side of Roman life.

Unveiling Rome

With its timeless allure and captivating history, Rome invites travelers to embark on a journey through the ages. From the grandeur of ancient monuments to the artistic treasures of the Renaissance, every corner of the city tells a story. Whether you’re tossing a coin into the Trevi Fountain, marveling at the Sistine Chapel, or savouring gelato on a sunny afternoon, this beautiful Italian city offers a tapestry of experiences that will leave an indelible mark on your heart. As you explore the best things to do in Rome, you’ll find yourself immersed in a city that transcends time, where the past and present coexist in perfect harmony.

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